Trade Test Categories



All Round Mason
Mason Tiles Laying
Refractory Mason
Steel Fixture
Construction Labour



A/C Technician
Pipe Fitter
Structural Fabricator
Spray painter



Industry Electrician
Auto Electrician
Cable Jointer
Domestic Electrician
Line Man



Furniture Carpenter
Aluminum Fabricator
Painter – Roller
Finishing Carpenter
Furniture Polisher



Mobile Crane Operator
Excavator Operator
Fork Lift Operator
Light Duty Driver
Hydraulic Mechanic


Design Package
Structure the design model by dividing it into smaller parts. a collection of classes, relationships, use-case realizations, diagrams, and other packages.
Building Renovation
Demolition of a building, old structures are to be replaced by new ones. Small structures are demolished to build big structures
Sustainable Building
It is for this reason why understanding and planning for the future impacts of climate change are so important for sustainable development.
Project Management
Presentation as brief as possible while covering all the key topics. .. project management: planning, build-up, implementation, and closeout.
Concrete Transport
Several types of equipment which are used to transfer and pour concrete after it has been discharged from a mixer. This handling may produce segregation and loss of slump, if the distance is long.
Interior Design
Functional space acts as the base of the entire interior design. Therefore, it is essential that the user and designer both are well aware of the space availability and purpose of each individual space.

our mission

Describes the organization’s purpose and its overall intention. We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience. Your Satisfaction is the only thing that matter to us

our Vision

Provides insight into what the company hopes to achieve or become in the future. The values statement reflects the organization’s core principles and ethics. I will behave in a manner so as to become a light, not a roadblock, for others who choose to follow or lead me

our Clients

Customers Say

The best way to find out if your customers are happy is to ask them by conducting regular construction market research. The benefits of conducting a construction specifier satisfaction survey are: It enables fact-based decision making. improves specifier loyalty by providing good service where it matters.


You strive for excellence providing us with heating, cooling, Plumbing and electrical trained persons.

With clear communication about what issues we’re facing and what maintenance is needed, you will provide us  with solutions to all of your HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing problems.

We could tell you how courteous and helpful your trained persons is,  we’ll tell you hear it from real customers.


Few fundamental rules are there for any aspiring our selves. It is not just to start a welding trained persons but to make strategy and a strong foundation for success.The welding needs are enormous across the world any day. Wherever in the world, your trained persons  the basic principles to succeed remain relevant.You may be a great service to the customer and have a good client list in your profile .  Your Service essentials include the support of others in the pursuit. You can start your effort lacking in one of these zones, and may have great success even.