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About JRS

It is a pleasure to be present today, Myself Mohamed Meeran .M Director of JRS Industrial Training Institute, to join you for the formal blessing and opening of this facility. Trade and vocational education is a critical part of education choice for students and parents. I think most would agree that for various reasons they have not received appropriate levels of support and have been wrongly devalued in recent decades. Trades and vocational education are important for our economy and, as his Eminence emphasizes earlier, for individual students to achieve their goals and fullfil their potential.

In the year of 2008 I was planned for JRS Institution.This centre focuses on trades and skills in real demand, such as HVAC, AC, Carpentry, Electrical – Low Voltage & High Voltage, Metal Fabrication, Insulator, Fitter and Motor Mechanic, Welder, Mason, Steel Fixer, fire and Safety, etc.

From the earliest days serving those often without access to skilled education, to the dramatic expansion in the second half of last century and providing a social and economic foothold for waves of migration, I am one of many who can honestly say I would have had enormous opportunities and would not be standing before you without it. The name of this centre, JRS ITTI, is a reminder of that tradition. Our Constant effect to maintain excellence service and global quality of trade test to provide best in the industries.


JRS were hiring for valuable clients in all over the gulf countries. Names in Dubai, Oman Qatar, Kuwait, etc. In the last 8 years we are conducting moreover 300 and above interviews with supportive clients were Conducted in our institute. There are 2000 employees were placed in various types of company in gulf countries with good position and package.

Our supportive clients will be offering various positions in gulf countries. We are provided for valuable arrangement settings for client interview and we proud to be an international trade service into our institution during this continuity.


We at JRS industrial technology training Institute are committed to provide quality of education and technical skill development to rural and urban students, testing facilities and recruitment service to our local and global clients.


We have equipped ourselves with highly experienced and dedicated trainers to help us achieve our goals of training and skill development programme by providing competent, Industry-ready technicians for the quality-conscious construction industry to overseas destinations.

Producing skilled work force with strong ethical and moral standards.


Achieving total customer’s satisfaction by understanding customer’s requirements and providing them quality services at right time through continual implementation of new ideas and latest technology for over all development of the institute & the people.